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just and fair corrections

thought I would get this in here and correct this perception -- on the thread about the young dog mauling , I related a personal experience with a robust male dog (import stock) that did exactly this . There was always a battle on the leash but it improved . At one point , same point each time , the dog had it in his head that he had put up with this long enough and he would raise himself and give a full mouth pressure grip on my upper arm.
He got himself one clean lightning fast correction which allowed us to walk home in a decent détente.

Next time out approximately the same place , he latches on. To prevent him from dropping his weight and pulling backwards in a prey pump , I grabbed his collar and kept him upright.

so to this "That was in reference to Carm saying LIGHTENING correction....she said "a lot won't like this"....but she would correct the dog...even string it up on it's tip toes to keep it one said boo."

the dog was not strung up which connotes the dog being hung suspended . NOT . would not do this .

I grabbed that collar and he walked along MY WAY , the only way it was going to be . Just picture a dog holding on to the sleeve running along with the decoy - that was pretty much it .

That was the solution , never did this again. We finished the 5 mile walk , no problem .

You know from the wealth of posts that I have written that I am all about genetic obedience. My dogs don't wear collars. I work with barely any words . I positively motivate which is not treating or luring or bribing.

There do come times when something is in an acute situation which if it is not remedied immediately will be a troublesome , non productive chronic , dysfunctional one .

Corrections have to be bespoke or customized to the nature of the animal . You have to have a feel for what it is going to take to get the result . One size does not fit all.

so how about discussing how and what a good correction is?



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