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Every time my boyfriend took my pup out to pee, he didn't know if he was peeing or not because of the discreet way he'd pee. Lol. Are you super sure he's not peeing? My pup stands in one spot semi-leaning his lower end toward the ground.. doesn't even look like he's peeing, but he is. I had to show my BF the way he stands, where he stands, etc. You should also try to keep 1 designated area for potty, it'll also help with knowing when your pup goes or not cuz they'll always go back to that spot to go and as much as it sucks, take him out every 2-4 hours. I've been waking up 2 or 3 times a night just to take him potty and sometimes he goes, sometimes he doesn't, but he's never pee'd in the crate. When he pee's outside, click and reward if you're click training or just give him lots of vocal praise so he knows when you take him out to potty, he should potty.

When he pees, does he pee A LOT or is it a small amount? If he doesn't pee all day and only pee's a little, you might wanna take him to the vet.. could be a bladder infection or UTI.. or something else, IDK. :\

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