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Exclamation Another crate accident.

So if you look back at the other threads in forum category, you can see that I posted a thread regarding almost the same issue that I'm about to post about now. So check back at it if you haven't already, to make sure that you understand what I'm talking about.
To start off someone in the other forum told me that not giving Rosco any water after 7 pm would help (that's what he/she does when house training). I was a bit unsure. going through a whole 12 hours without water... well i tries it anyway because I didn't want another crate accident happening again. So a little time after 6 pm I fed Rosco and 30 minutes later i took him out to pee. And he didn't go... that was a bit weird because earlier at like 5 pm after our walk he drank A LOT of water. So i stayed outside for 45 min waiting for him to go pee, which he didn't. I took him inside because all he was doing was lying on the grass trying to sleep. I brought him in and he had more water and i took his water dish away. I waited another hour before my mom took him out again, and she said he didn't pee just poop. Another hour or 2 later (after his nap) my mom took him out again because i was in the shower. She told me that he didn't pee again. Now I was getting really concerned. It was bedtime now so I put him in his crate. He all night he cried. But unlike last night he howled almost like he was in pain sometimes. So much worse than the first night we had. At 1 am I took him outside to see if had to pee (didn't take him out at night the night before). And he DIDN'T GO PEE!!!! So we stood outside for 5 minutes and all he did was lie down and stare at me. So i tried walking around but all he did was sit down in the wet grass (it was pouring outside). So I thought that he just didn't have to go. I brought him back inside and put him in his crate. A few hours later (at around 5 am) I heard him peeing in his crate. I quickly took him out of his crate and cleaned up his mess. I put him back in and that was that. Why didn't he go pee the times we took him out? I'm sure that he had to go? Why only in his crate? I wonder if it was because it was raining outside that he didn't want to go. He was panting soooo much when I took him out at night. He looked very thirsty and he still is. Many people told me to get a divider to make his crate small but actually I think it fits him almost perfectly. The crate is only 1 or 2 inches longer than he is. And he was just fine taking several naps in it through out the day. As a matter of fact that's all he wanted to do! I know that a few people told me not to let him sleep in the evening much so that he's tired for bed but how am I supposed to do that? When I try to play a game with him he just lies down and tries to sleep on the floor. At night hes just awful in there! I feel like I'm torturing him in there. He always wants to be with me, and I have to lock him up at night. Do you think I could leave the crate open at night so that he can go in and out of it? I know he's fine in it as long as he's not locked in it. I don't know what do you guys think? Am i doing something wrong?
I am REALLY sorry for the super long story. I don't like to skip out information that could be important.
Oh and by the way he's doing really well in the house so far. He hasn't had a single accident inside yet (except for the one in the crate).
Thanks sooo much, i appreciate all of your advice
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