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WhaT am I doing wrong?

Taz is 16 weeks old, He can hold his pee in his crate all night, and when ever he is crated which is only when we are not home. With four of us there is not may times he has to be crated because someone is usually there.

I have tried to keep a schedule that is mostly always the same. Here is my issue, out of the crate he goes every 15 mins I know he can hold it longer than that, he does at night. His only sign he needs to go out is he runs to the room where the door is we take him out of to go potty, only problem is as soon as his feet hit that room he starts going no time to get him out. He always gets lots of praise and treats when he goes outside.

One other thing I can not explain I have to keep his crate door shut because if it is open that's where he chooses to have accidents. I have had a number of dogs and house trained them can't figure this out.

I know it is probably something I am doing wrong. Also I watch him like a hawk to try and keep accidents from happening. I have also tried feeding him in his crate.

Sorry this is long tried to give as much info as I could so maybe someone could help with suggestions.
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