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Originally Posted by carmspack View Post
pawing could be attention seeking , submissive solicitous --- not warranting that full body tackle --- same with the jumping up -- a bit anxious , a bit excited , not warranting a full body tackle.

one question --- where's the praise ? I take it the dog is still in learning mode -- dog is a little stiff - so you may want to lighten up a bit
Good observation. I think I know what you mean that he's a little stiff, like he wants to make sure he's doing everything right.

I usually praise him 3-4 times on a 0:45 minute walk. Just for little stuff like sitting automatically when I stop. Sometimes for no reason he just turns his head down and across in front of me into my right leg and I can tell he wants to be told he's a good boy, so I do, give him a "you're a good boy" and pat and rub his chest and side briskly. I could probably do a little more of that.
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