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Ill give you an example. Guy at my club wants to go to worlds. Has a nice male 19 months old. Lots of prey, great nerves, low prey threshold, HIGH defense threshold. Overall very nice dog could probably do well at the regional level and maybe even nationals with the right training. He just isnt a world level dog, as such he will likely be sold.

Nothing you can do about it imo, its what the dog is. A nice dog, not a world level dog.
The same dog as a female would make a good brood bitch especially with a title, but as a male he isnt top sport. He has a litter mate that has just a bit more of everything that could be considered "top" sport around here.

Then you get dogs with obvious issues, nerves, health etc. Again, not much you can do the dog is what it is.
You can always screw a lower quality dog up a lot easier then a high quality one. JMO if the dog is so easily inhibited by handler or helper error your probably better off with another one competition wise anyways.
Such shy animals are in all circumstances an encumbrance to their owner, who must be ashamed of such a dog, and a disgrace to their race. Under no circumstances whatever must they be used for breeding, however noble and striking they may appear.
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