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He's very handsome and his walking looks great. You should try for a CGC.

Just make sure if you correct him for jumping on you, your correction needs to match his behavior and not be completely unfair. IMO, full body tackling a dog and "growling" at him is overkill and might just escalate things. When I observe my dogs correcting each other, if one dog gives an unfair correction, the other dog makes sure to let him/her know! A stern verbal correction paired with a body block or just raising your knee if he tries to jump up on you is really all you need (or if he's got his prong on like in the video, give him a leash check). You don't need to use a situation like that to prove a point to him. Be the leader because you have a relationship built on mutual respect and trust, not having to flatten the dog just for being a little over-excited. If he's occasionally jumping on you or pawing at you he's not trying to "dominate" you, he just wants your attention. GSDs are notorious for having no concept of personal space. If he's clinging to you even in the house, he actually sounds a bit insecure so I would not be getting physical with him. Set him up for success and reward him for being a good dog. He looks like a really nice dog.
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