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Our GS aggressive to other dogs

I'm new here, but have been reading the posts for a while.

We have a 8 1/2 year old neutered GS. We got him when he was a puppy. He lost his companion, our beloved Cattle Dog, last July to cancer. He seems to have adjusted well.

We have been wintering in So. Calif. from Colo. In Colo., we walk him almost daily along a path near a creek and and athough he pulls a little when we walk past another dog, we have no problem with him. We had no problems with him at the pet friendly hotels on the way here. Since we have moved here, he has gotten really bad with dog aggression in this apartment complex. He lunges and barks at every dog he sees, not only inside the complex, but outside when we are putting him into the van. It takes both my husband and I to control him (we have a collar, prong collar, halter and use three leashes, just in case one comes undone).

We try to take him out when we think there are no other dogs around. I feel like I'm a ninja . . .be alert, coast is clear, dog to the right, turn back, ok coast is clear, no dog coming now, etc etc.

At the park, we are able to see a long distance and keep away from other dogs and we do make him sit from a distance, watch other dogs walk by and give him a treat.

He also has separation anxiety since his companion passed away, so he is always with us.

We definitely will use a trainer when we return to Colo which will be in a few weeks.

Why this sudden change in his behavior? We live in a house with a backyard in Colo., and are in an apt. complex here. But we take him for walks here also, he goes for rides, we play with him.

Any suggestions for the time we are here? Anything will help!

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