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Fearful 12-month-old female

Our 12-month-old female is sweet, very friendly with people and other dogs- she’s well-socialized and obedient. She definitely still has a lot of puppy in her-you can see it in the exuberant way she moves and plays, and in her demeanor, and she does not seem to have an aggressive bone in her body. We take her to run and play in the park (not a dog run/park) during off leash hours every morning, and she loves it and has tons of human and dog friends there. However, lately, we are concerned because we have had several encounters (a few times over the past 2 months, but seems to be increasing in frequency) in which other dogs get aggressive or just overly dominant with her, to the point where she yelps, runs between our legs, etc. Sometimes the other dogs are crossing the line into aggression; other times, it is just rough play, and she gets overwhelmed.

We are worried because we get the feeling that there is something about our dog that brings this aggression/dominance out of other dogs. And while we definitely don't want her to be a fighter, we are wondering if we should be concerned that her reflex is to run away and display such fear. On the other hand, maybe she is just young and acting her age. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
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