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Your husband is playing with the puppy. That's fine. It will not make your dog to people-friendly. In fact, if you want to do protection with your pup, then you will want a dog that is not leery of all people, and will only react to a true threat. So the pup has to have stellar nerves to do protection training.

If the dog has stellar nerves, all the playing and roughhousing your husband does will not be a problem at all.

And, if you train the dog to pay attention and whine when you are eating, the puppy will do so. Your husband has trained the dog to do so. It is a lot easier to train a dog what to do from the get go, than to go about working a bad habit out of her. It seems like your husband is not concerned with meal-time etiquette. Sometimes we are not all on the same page in training.

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