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Question treating GSD like a baby

So my husband and I bought our GSD for family protection and a good dog to grow up with my two boys.
My husband was the one who brought the dog idea to me, and insisted we do protection training etc.
Well, our GSD female is now 18weeks, as done her basic puppy training and is house broken. she sits when people walk in the door, she alerts when people approach and is doing very well WITH ME. she listens to my commands, doesn't beg for my food, in fact sits on her bed when I eat. However, she whines to my husband, hardly even follows a sit command with him and jumps all over him when he walks in the room. BUT I feel it is because he babys her. He rough houses on the floor, making her think hes a littermate, he feeds her from his plate, and he holds her in his arms like a baby. Am I wrong in thinking that this behavior will not only cause her to be too people friendly but that it will cause her to be a poor protective training candidate? Advice on what to do so that he doesn't single handedly mess up our chances to make her a reliable GSD? Literature I can send him? At this point I feel as though I may be her "alpha" if its possible for a female to be the alpha in the canine world.
Also, is it true that if the dog does a "wrong" you firmly tell them not to that and use "dog" in place of their name, as their name should only be used as a positive?
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