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So Jake puked at 8 weeks on the ride home. About a 45 minute drive. He did a few times again after that and would sit on the floor board. Didn't even want to look out the windows, just scared. We took him on a little road trip at about 3 months. About a 4 1/2 hour drive he did fine. Sat on the seat, mostly. Even looked out the window. Never puked. We also took one our other dogs with us as well, and I think that made all the difference in the world. So if you have another dog to ride with, that might help. But he still needs to be able to go by himself . Maybe try this. Take your little tike for a short ride, like around the block or equivalent . Give him treats while in the car. Don't take him on a full stomach. But not an overly empty one either. Try to do this everyday. After a bit, find somewhere close by to take him. Hopefully he'll start to associate car rides with fun stuff. Funny I always thought all dogs loved car rides! Every dog I've ever known my whole life has loved car rides! Then I got Jake...reality check. Anyway good luck. Patience and Perseverance, patience and perseverance..
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