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Don't sweat it. I've had a few puppies puke a few times their first time or two in the car and then never again. I know some insist it means weak nerves but I do not put any stock in it when it's the puppies first time being taken away from the litter and put in a car. If the dog were going on 5-6 months and still puking or acting nervous, then I would worry but for the first ride home, no way. My current pup puked on his way home from the breeder and I was worried (not that he was sick, but that he was nervous). Turned out he actually WAS sick. Now he loves going places, hops in and out on his own. While they are young, try not to feed and water 30-60 minutes before a car ride.

I approach car riding like crate training in general. They can throw all the fits they want but just have to deal. When they are calm and quiet I talk and praise. When they are throwing a fit, I ignore. My dogs all ride in crates for safety so for me, crate training and car riding are one in the same. My 5 month old puppy is now an old pro. He rides to training and waits his turn in the car, rides to tournaments, etc.
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