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Default Happy 1st Birthday Dax!!!!

Dax turns 1 today. We have survived the first year! He's been cooped up because we had another pano flair up but I got him out today so wear him out a bit. It worked. A little too well because he's snoring on my floor now lol. Was kicking snow for him. He'd chase what he could, try to catch it in the air, etc. Just generally being a goofy boy in the snow. He was barking up a storm because he couldn't find the snowball and when he did find one, he couldn't pick it up.

Here's some pictures of the nut taken today with some puppy pictures thrown in!

yelling at the snow

Would you believe Shasta has a good 10 lbs on him?

His 1st day home with us when he was 8 weeks old

Time sure has flown by!

Happy Birthday Dax!
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