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Cable passed his final exam

My course work, nothing official.

Every few weeks I fast the dogs for 24 hours(sunday morning to monday morning). Then I give them a special meal at the end, something very easily digested and rich in needed nutrients.

This mornings special meal was 1 pound(each) of the fattiest beef butt I could lay hands on, cubed up with a whole egg hidden in the middle. I'm a beef tartar lover and their meals were making me drool. The dogs know what is coming too, they sit and watch me prep, tails slowly swishing.

Allie, the puppy brain, did not wait for her break command when the bowl hit the floor, she just dove in. That's fine, she did sit and wait until the bowl was on the floor. That's progress. Cable, my dear wonderful boy, sat and looked at me till I gave him the break, occasionally looking at the bowl of fatty, egg rich beef only inches from his mouth. His final look to me was so pleading and every inch of him shouted "PLEASE", I was happy to let him dive in.

He didn't break till I told him, hadn't eaten in 24 hours and was mere inches from a pile of stinky meat. That's pretty impressive in my book. Later today I'll give em both a little side-snack of beef, egg and some salmon, probably about 3/4 of a pound.

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