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Exclamation How to make the crate thing go away.

So today or yesterday i guess you could say; we got our gsd puppy Rosco. Everything was going good until it was time to go to bed (already knew this was going to happen). He wouldnt get in the crate no mater what. i lured him in half way and then (sorry to say) pushed the rest of him in the crate. And he cried and cried and never went to sleep. i have been awake since i went to sleep. And just recently I suddenly heard him stop whining and i thought "oh good hes stopped whining"! lol nope! I started to hear him pee. I took him out to pee right before bed and didnt give him any water after that. So I took him out and had to take out his blanket and clean his crate. So now I am (2 am) here writing this because there is no point in trying to sleep tonight as he is still going at it.
So i was wondering if i should set an alarm at night so that i can take him out to pee? And how do i get him in his crate at night without forcing him? How long before he's actually going to have a good night's rest?
I know that its only the first night but im just wondering ahead of time.
And i really don't want him hating his crate!
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