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How to stop reactivity to dogs

My dog is a sweet heart. He loves everyone. He loves to play with other dogs at day care. Loves to run and chase. I am working with him a LOT to make sure he knows I AM the boss of him. I'm in charge and he must obey me. He does very well at home. While out on walks, he is always on a leash, and I work with him on commands at random (wait, sit, etc). Well, he does great, until certain dogs come along. As soon as I see his ears go up and he sees the other dog, I tell him to LEAVE IT. But, it's like he gets selective hearing and will not obey me. I've tried everything from snacks, to making him sit and getting in front of him so he focuses on me, but he refuses. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, and I am open to any an all ideas for help. He has come such a long way from when we rescued him, and I want him to know that he doesn't have to be in charge. Thanks in advance for your kind responses and experienced advice.

He's seven years old and 70 lbs, great health. No physical problems.
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