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I go to industrial parks, pastures(with owner permission) schools that allow dogs. I have a couple places that allow me to track, and try to stay away from public parks. I tracked at one that was really quiet during the morning week hours...until an elderly man came and started driving golf balls all over my track as it aged. I intruded on his area, he was a regular. I had to ask him permission to run my track after he walked all over it.
I try to stick with private land and go on as many surfaces as possible. Never know what we'll trial on.
This is my "private" tracking grounds...the owner mows it in patches so I have different lengths to track on. I'm really fortunate that I have this to use.
Reward after tracking, is hunting for the ball I threw!

Many farmers with pasture grass won't allow you on their land...if they do, they don't want metal tracking flags used. If clubs get permission to use such property using wooden stakes or dowels for the markers is best. Metal can be dangerous if left in the field(harvesting) the cattle would be harmed if they ingest those flag fragments.
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