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Can puppies be depressed?

So first let me say sorry about all the threads. Since i've gotten my puppy i've been posting a lot. Some times the questions may be similar. But anyway my puppy is acting a little strange. I think I'm gonna give training a rest for a few days. When I get home from work, he is in his cage sitting up and he sees me and doesn't even make a peep. He usually is dying to get out his crate. Crying and whining. And my wife sais he doesn't want to walk at all on the leash anymore. He was also doing that with me the past couple of days. I literally have to carry him to the grassy area for him to go potty. And usually I run away from him and he'll run to get to me after I get like 20-30 ft from him. But today he just slowly walked to me. I know he probably misses home. How long does it usually take for your puppy to get used to you. We've had him since Thursday I know that's not a long time. It just seems like he's acting too different I guess. And do they ever go through a depressing stage when you bring them home.
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