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6 month old GSD mauls out of nowhere

My 6 month old GSD gets very aggressive towards my husband and me when we take her out to the bathroom and on walks. She will be really good until we get far from our house and out of nowhere she will jump up at us and clench her jaws around our arm like in shutzhund and not let go. There is absolutely no distracting her when she does this. When she was younger she play bite/ankle bite, but we had her on the e-coller and a choker and she wasn't bad when using corrections. Now we are using a harness and today I had to drag her home with her jaws around my arm. there was no stopping her. She doesn't do this to other people, just my husband and me. When she is around our trainer, she acts good. I just don't know what is setting her off. She will be walking real good, we will give her high value treats, she seems happy and just out of no-where she starts schutzhund biting and growling and wont let go. No-one around, no dogs around no distraction and she does this. HELP!!!
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