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Is this ok?

Brought our pup to the grocery store today, just outside the entrance where she was able to see everyone coming and going and the doors sliding open and the sounds and what not... and first she was trembling like a leaf, but fairly quickly settled down next to my feet and was just observing all the going ons and her shaking was basically gone. She was also accepting treats from me (whenever she gave me eye contact I was marking and rewarding that behaviour).

Also right before we got to the entrance of the grocery store a plane flew pretty low overhead, and startled her considerably. She recovered within reason though and stopped trying to flee and came to me when I called, was this too much for her? We were only there for maybe 10min... and the plane was/is unfortunately nothing I can control as we live right next to the airport...

I just don't want to be messing things up for her before we really begin D:
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