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Is there many good working lines around still?

It's a subject I don't know about and the media has led me to believe that the breed is dying out because of all these problems back yard breeders and the like have created.

Is there always going to be good pedigrees out there and generally speaking, do they suffer from the same health issues that are normally applied to the breed such as hip dysplasia for example?


Seeing as I am asking a question in this sub-forum I might ask another one that I have in my mind, and that is regarding show lines with the slanted backs.

Firstly, I am not a fan of these and prefer the look and the abilities of a working line (mine is a straight back). I'm not sure if "working line" would be considered the same as "straight back" in professional terms?

My question is: "Are the haters of the showlines really basing their opinions on factual data, when they talk about genetic problems with inbreeding and the slanted backs causing the dogs to suffer from hip issues in higher proportion to the straight backs?
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