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Kiina is nearly 7 months old...

Overall, I'd say she's learning the right behaviors (and we're learning her signals, too). She's still a bit mouthy -- but mostly mouthy/nippy only when she has to "go" or hasn't had enough exercise, or enough quiet time. She is very loving and wants to be with her people...lots of new experiences for her.

Things she loves: playing in water (especially from faucets), chasing balls, going for walks, running on the grass, meeting other dogs.

Things she dislikes: not playing outside when her "people" are (my kids are playing with our neighbors right now, and it drives her nuts not to be down there...but their mom is really nervous about GSD's, and has asked that she be on-leash whenever the kids are playing in the yard. On-leash in "her" yard is an even worse kind of torture for our pup than staying inside). Peanut Butter. My dog HATES peanut butter. Bread...she doesn't like bread either (not that it matters...she stole a biscuit off of my 5yo's abandoned plate and just licked the butter off of it).

Funny things: She burps!?! She will skip meals if she's not hungry (that's doesn't mean she won't take something off OUR plate, if given the opportunity...but if she's not hungry for chicken, beef, lamb or rabbit, she won't eat it.) She would rather have Sardines than almost any other food. Lamb is her next favorite meal, followed by beef, than chicken and rabbit. Perhaps because she doesn't get Sardines but once a week, and lamb maybe once a week?

2.5 months ago, she couldn't sit next to anyone without "biting" their feet, hands, arms, etc. Today, she can sleep ON my feet or next to me for hours (assuming she doesn't have to "go" and has gotten plenty of exercise). We had to carry her down 3 flights of stairs for the first month, and she now uses them with confidence (whew!). We can now go for walks and meet any dog on the street without fear. She usually ignores or behaves politely with people we run into, she doesn't chase the cars or pull away. We have moved to a pinch collar for walks, she does "loose lead" walking (not competitive healing), and will self-correct (I do know how to properly use a pinch/prong collar). The collar is only on for training/walks. She has been successfully playing with my children (running around) without chasing/catching THEM. I'm always nearby and insist the kids wear proper shoes and clothes that don't flap around (floppy clothes tend to be overly stimulating, still)

I still have concerns. She knows Sit, Down, Out, Off and Come. We're teaching shake and Wait (essentially, stop and wait for me on the stairs, which she does most of the time). She's still pretty dependent upon treats being available (I don't have to treat after every command, but she is a lot less likely to obey if I don't have them...exception being OUT, because that one is used a lot with fetch). But, we have a long way to go before I'll be really confident with her. Anyone playing with any kind of ball (and her not being allowed to play) drives her absolutely BONKERS. Whiney, jumping, barking, almost out-of-control...cannot hear me and won't take a treat, either. This makes going on-base difficult (teens/kids playing soccer everywhere).

She hasn't had her first heat (whew!). And, I need to get into some more active training with a bit more help. Hopefully, we'll get to that in April (we've been waiting for the rainy weather to be pretty much rains for 2-3 months straight here (depressing).

Anyhow -- She seems like a very intelligent, busy, active dog -- who I hope will one day obey quickly, have a really good set of doggy manners, and who I can completely trust around friends/family off-leash and out of my eye-sight always.

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