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Originally Posted by carmspack View Post
no thank you .

not necessary .

possibly counter productive .

too mechanical , pre-meditated .

too rushed -- all this by 14 weeks???

that does not represent your normal life , or anyone's normal life.

a sound dog won't need this .

a weak dog , or a dog going through a fear period will be set back.

by this age the new owner would barely have taken the pup and have him join his household.

job one is to allow the dog to adjust to "you" , his new home, new routine, new food , and be without his littermates .

those that know me are probably laughing right now because they know lists chafe me .

you have to do things with feeling and organically

edit -- I mean NO thank you
Haha....thank you....I was wanting feedback and opinions on this. I got my pup around 10 weeks old....I take him a lot of places....But all of this wasn't possible in my crazy busy household....I learn daily from this forum...
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