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We took the plunge & brought Angel home!

Because my husband and I are certifiably insane, we decided to take Angel home for a trial run to see how she fits in with our family. I have posted about this before, so thank you to everyone who gave us tips about introducing a new dog into the household.

We currently have a 1 year male GSD mix named Sora. Angel is 5 years old and spayed. Her owner needed to rehome her ASAP because she also owns an Aussie who recently had a litter and was picking fights with Angel. Angel has been living in an outdoor run/garage for the past 4 months.

We went forward very carefully because we were unsure if Angel was going to exhibit aggression to other dogs. We are also unsure of how Angel will do with cats (there were cats on her farm but no house cats.) We brought them both to a huge off-leash trail to introduce each other. As we got there, a man was there with his impeccably trained German Shepherds. We explained that we were introducing them for the first time, and he helped us out. He was using German commands with his own dogs, and Angel was responding very well. I explained that Angel did some Schutzhund, and the guy was ecstatic! He was like, I do Schutzhund with my boys! LOL So that was wonderful. He gave us the rundown on some basic German commands which was very nice of him and very useful!

We went to the park and played some fetch. They had a blast! Angel is so fast! I've never had a dog this fast. She just leaves Sora in the dust! LOL

Everything has been going well so far. Sora, our boy, is very obnoxious. He wants to be with her all of the time (we currently have them separated via a baby gate.) He whines and whines and whines. He gets overly excited and tries to mount her So, we correct him for it and split them up. She has been very patient with him since he is still very much an immature guy, so we are proud of her for that.

We are hoping that she fits in very well and the two of them do well with each other. The man at the park was like, mark my words--they will be inseparable! I sure hope so!

Not sure if I'm posting pictures correctly, but here are a few from our day

The car ride home:

Later on that night at the house after they started to settle down a bit:

And a couple of videos to show you how slow and pokey my boy Sora is! Ha!

Thank you for reading! I'm off to the looney bin now...
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