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Default Organ alternatives

I am having a time finding organ meat where I live, especially since my dog can't have chicken (otherwise we'd be gold. Anyone live in SE WA and want a bunch of freezer-burned chicken parts?). Beef liver is easy to come by, but the store that had other things like kidney and sweatbread stopped carrying it. So I am wondering what nutrients could be missing from Gypsy's diet if we only have beef liver and heart to feed. I checked what nutrients other organ meats are supposed to have, and it looks like we could get away with feeding more eggs and fish and it would be fine. She currently gets a raw egg twice a week and 9 oz of mackerel chubs once a week. But I am not an expert at do? I am not opposed to feeding supplements or veggies if that's what we need to do.

Her current diet is 2 oz liver, 12 oz raw meaty bones, 20 oz muscle meat per day. Mix of pork, beef, lamb, moose, and turkey. Plus eggs and fish twice a week. We also add salmon oil.

Also they have this canned green tripe at Petco. Is that any good? How often should I feed it if it is?

When the farmer's market starts I will be making the rounds asking for offal. So far I have not had any luck contacting local meat processors and ethnic food stores.
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