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Rocks!! He loves to eat rocks!

I'm so irritated with this right now

Nonny has taken a liking to eating rocks. My little dog has always managed to grab one on the way in from a trip outside and he would chew on it until I caught him and took it away. Nonny picked this behavior up from him and I did the same thing, but am more strict about it with him b/c he could easily swallow them.

Ffw to today- He's had loose stools for two days and I've been washing kennel bedding for two days b/c of that That is half of my irritation! I though it was from the transition back to raw b/c I increased the amount along with his home-prepped food.
Today I found copious amounts of rocks in his stool. For freakin real?? Yep. Turns out he's been getting them from the backyard which was recently secured so that they can't get out of it. So, I've been letting them out there for fresh air and to run and play a bit. They love it. I don't rely on that for pottying though- they still have to go out on leash for that to make sure they're going. It works, no accidents until he started gorging himself on rocks. I hadn't thought about them in the backyard! Our driveway is gravel and is unavoidable for walks and pottying. When we go through the driveway, I watch him like a hawk for rick picking and empty his mouth (like a crazed dentist) if I suspect he's picked one up. I wonder if he's been swallowing them before I can get them out of his mouth, like "Nope! it's mine and you can't have it!" The backyard used to have rocks lining the house b/c there aren't any guttars but the chickens scratched all of that away, SO, I forgot about those and really wouldn't have thought they'd be much of a problem anyway b/c they're pretty well dispersed throughout the yard now. Oh, and he used to (and probably still does) eat the chicken's poop.

Dear Nonny, please stop trying to commit suicide! Love, Mommy

I'm really worried that he'll impact himself with rocks and require a surgery that I cannot afford! Obviously backyard playtime is out of the question for now.

The rocks are, on average, about 1/2 sq". Obviously, as I cleaned up gravel-poop today, they are passing. But I'm really worried about future rock incidents. What if he goes on a rebellious bender and eats a gallon of rocks one day?

Why is he eating rocks anyway?? I get chewing on them... maybe it feels neat in their little mouths the way we like gum. But swallowing them?? He's supposed to be gaining weight, not losing it by eating rocks!

I'm committed to doing everything I can to prevent him from eating rocks but the driveway is unavoidable. All I can do there is make him hold his head high until we get to the grass, about 10 feet.

Anyone else have a rock-eater? Experienced a rock eater?
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