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Opinions on Melatonin?

Originally Posted by wyoung2153 View Post
It has been a rough couple days for Mr. Titan.. I got extremely sick, with 2 ER trips... Some angry version of food poisoning they think.. between that and this insane random storm going on we haven't been able to do much with Titan in the last 3 days. (BF has been occupied with deployment stuff which is why he hasn't had much time to help with Titan, though has tried when he had a moment).

For those of you with insanely driven dogs that can go go go, barely and off switch, what do you do when you can't get out to exercise your dog for whatever reason?
I'm sort of in the same situation. On the human side, I am caring for my sister, who because of some flareups with her medical issues, has needed more of my time and care than normal. On the canine side, our yard/field is nearly solid ice. I am not so worried about Jade out there, she doesn't have the drive that Orick has. Orick, on the other hand, is obsessed with the million squirrels in this area, and will run and run looking for them, and jump at the fence if they are on the other side. I haven't let him run out there since we iced over, so I don't know how much sense he would use on the terrible footing--I suspect it wouldn't be much sense at all. I am taking both of them out on a leash to go potty, careful to step anywhere it looks like there is better footing.

SO... Orick's energy is over the top. A friend of mine suggested giving him melatonin until the ice melts... Now, I have used melatonin in the past with my old Rosco, who was terrified of thunder and fireworks, at the suggestion of my vet. It was just one dose to get him through the noise. My friend told me it can be used over a period of time to mellow Orick out a bit. I'm not so sure. Does anyone have an opinion on this? Any experience with melatonin?
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