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Routine Shots, Vacs, and Hips?

I have a reputable breeder who is going to help me pick the perfect puppy on their next litter. (Hopefully it'll be soon! I'm so excited!) She knows what she's doing, and takes care of all the puppy shots and things until I take my pup home at 8 weeks.

I'm curious if anyone else does their own shots, or if they go into the vet for every set of shots and the pros and cons of each? I know I can save a few dollars by doing my own shots (I've done shots for animals before), but I also want to ensure my pup has the best care etc. I'm not a lazy pet owner that refuses to go to the doc.

I've googled a bit on worms/heartworm/etc and am curious - do you do any preventative treatment? I know my vet will do heartworm at a certain age, but after that, do you do preventatives? With our adult GSD, we will worm him about once a year and that seems to do well for him. He likes to pick up worms now and again, so I want to avoid as many issues as possible.

And as far as hips go. My breeder has had her bitches and stud tested, and all have good hips. Aside from what google says (because we know google is ALWAYS reliable), what can I do to "help" my pup with her hips? I know to avoid excessive strenuous exercise until she's a little older, but is there anything else I can do? Would anyone recommend a daily supplement or anything of that nature? Or just take it easy until she's old enough to really play and be active?

Does anyone on here brush their dog's teeth? does it really make a difference if they have good bones to chew that can help clean the teeth/gums?
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