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Never seen this before Puppy negotiator

My GSD, Riley, is 11 weeks old. She has a unique behavior I have never seen before. Riley is my first GSD but not my first dog, not even my second or third. She has done two things that aren't an issue but quite interesting. 1) She has offered her cow hoof for trade (for lack of a better description) to my Standard Poodle. She will bring a hoof to her and then wait. When my Poodle takes the hoof she brought, she takes the hoof my Poodle had already. My Poodle is the mom of the pack. The Poodle is the one who watches over new puppies and makes sure they stay within the perimeter of the yard as well as disciplines them when they get too rough. 2) Riley is also bringing all her toys over to the Poodle's bed. I have no idea why. She doesn't try to take the bed from the Poodle nor do they ever fight over the bed. Now, Riley and my Cavalier are a different story. They argue (growl) over hooves, play in the yard, share food in the food bowl... basically they are buddies with a rivalry. Riley tries to play with the Poodle but the Poodle gets after her when she takes it too far so Riley takes cues from the Poodle more than she does with the Cavi. I have to watch the Cavi and Riley because Riley could hurt the Cavi eventually. She's already the same size as the Cavi. My basic question is why is she "trading" and leaving toys around the Poodle's bed?

Never seen this before Puppy negotiator-imageuploadedbypg-free1395001746.203427.jpgNever seen this before Puppy negotiator-imageuploadedbypg-free1395001769.853973.jpgNever seen this before Puppy negotiator-imageuploadedbypg-free1395001780.999676.jpg

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