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Thank you for your input--I have read and heard many varying opinions on the tattoo vs. the chip, and my personal opinion is based on a couple of very good articles I read that said the chip CAN BE (not always) a shot in the dark if your dog gets lost; for example, if you chip your dog with a chip from Company A, and your local shelter only scans for chips from company B, there is no guarantee your dog will be identified. Plus, we travel and take him with us, so imagine all the different types of chips vs. all the readers in various parts of your state alone, not to mention the country. Plus that, I have never personally seen with my own eyes a shepherd with an ear tattoo, which leads me to believe that should he get lost, if I were to search for him via Facebook, Craigslist, local classified ads, anyone who has seen a Shepherd of his color and markings would DEFINITELY notice his tattoo, making him unmistakably recognizable even to perfect strangers in a strange town or state.
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