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Default Dog I'm adopting drinks more water in 1 hour than my 3 dogs drink in 3 days!?!

Is this normal for some dogs? Or could it be pointing to an unseen medical problem?

Ozi is a 2-year old GSD who runs around non-stop like a crazy wild madman, thus the soon-to-be name change to KAZE, short for Kamikaze. Like my male Siberian Husky, neither of them ever stop to rest or lay down or sit or anything. They just keep on the move in our backyard for hours on end. However, Ozi will finish off 2 large, full, probably gallon or more sized, completely full water bowls in an hour or so. He runs around the yard doing laps, then runs to one or the other water bowls, drinks a ton, runs some more, drinks some more, so on and so forth. He eats and drinks without issue, and has normal stool and pee. I have 3 other dogs who have never done this, no matter how much exercise they get. We usually bikejor for 6-11 miles a day, or go for long distance runs of 5-7 miles, or both in one day. It takes my 3 pups days to finish off the 2 water bowls. How can Ozi drink them both within hours?

Should I be watching for any signs elsewhere that maybe I'm not seeing?
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