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It all depends how much into a conversation you want to get, and likely with an individual who won't listen. My boy happens to be quite large - larger than most gsds - and I still get the 'my uncles friends sister had one that was 150lbs and was way bigger than your dog'. Whatever, Eli is 95lbs, huge and there aren't that many out there that are truly bigger than him. It's not worth the argument most of the time.
If I have the time and desire to try to talk someone through why bigger is not better I give this image "try to imagine a police officer carrying a 95lb german shepherd on their shoulders". The dogs are meant to be versatile, and small enough to travel with in rough situations. Smaller dogs are quicker and more agile, and easier to handle. Kind of like MMA fighting versus sumo wrestling.
But usually, it is not worth my time to get into it.
For the record my boy is big but we didn't plan for that. Both his parents are standard size, he just kept growing
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