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Default Cross-Country Drive with Intact Male and Female in Heat

Well, we made it through day one! We're traveling from Georgia to Washington by car. I have four GSDs and a large mixed breed, and we're all packed neatly into my Honda Fit (there's a thread on here about the mods I made to my car). I have another two legged passenger too. All my stuff was packed in a moving pod and is somewhere in transit. Meanwhile, five dogs later, things have settled down.

Day one was horrible; Lexi is in standing heat and my male whined and pouted for about five hours until he finally gave up and napped. Every time we stopped he'd start again. Plus the labradoodle was grumpy, so if my male stepped on him accidentally he'd get snapped at. Poor guy just can't catch a break!

We're at our hotel getting ready to head back out for another 9 hour day. We covered 5 states yesterday and had dinner with my aunt, who was considering taking my male. No dice... Unlucky boy has to sit through four more days of torture, lol

I'll keep adding updates!
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