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Give me some witty comebacks for those "bigger is better" GSD people.

I'm not sure why this type of stuff still bothers me, but it does, so I need to be able to deal with it better. I was at Home Depot yesterday with the male GSD I'm adopting, and one of the HD workers says to me "my 7 month old is as big as your dog." My dog, Ozi (soon to be KamiKAZE), looks to be at the max end of the standard. I haven't weighed or measured him yet, but he's a big boy. He is slightly underweight, which I will work on once he's mine. I don't believe that he's oversized. I just don't understand why people feel they need to start out a conversation, or a compliment if you can call it that, with the whole bigger is better mindset. So his dog, at 7 months, will obviously be larger than Ozi, who is 2 years old and should be fully grown already. So was he bragging that his dog is/will be bigger? How is that complimenting my dog. It's not like it was done in a way that the worker was saying "my dog is oversized and outside of the breed standard, whereas your Ozi is perfectly within standard and a better representation of the breed!" Haha.

I would never pass comment on someone else's dog that their dog is "so small" (insulting) or "WOW, YOUR DOG IS SOOOO HUGE" (an unnecessary potential ego booster). I would find a way to comment/compliment without the possibility of coming across in a negative way, or I just wouldn't say anything at all. I'm not witty with on-the-spot comebacks, and I wouldn't want to comeback with anything negative. I guess I'm just looking for a neutralizer. With this guy, I looked at him and said "oh yeah?!?" and walked away unimpressed. But the comment kept weighing heavy on my mind, as I couldn't figure out if he was complimenting Ozi, thinking he's also another HUGE GSD, or if he was insulting me. I think it's not the size comment itself, but the fact that I can't figure out if I should be happy or upset over what was said. I just don't get these people.

What would you have said if you were in my shoes? Again, I'm not looking for insults. Just something to make the guy back off and understand that bigger isn't better when it comes to dogs, especially our GSDs. They are supposed to be within standard for a reason, and good, solid breeding should help to preserve the working ability of these magnificent dogs!
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