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Extremely Cat Reactive? How to stop this?

I just rescued a 9 year old male shepherd. He is fixed and in fair health. He is living with my boyfriend and I in his parents house until we move into our new house that will be ready mid April. We have 5 cats in the house. 1 hates dogs, hisses and spits any time one walks by, the other 4 just don't care. Most of the dogs in the house don't bother with the cats, minus one who stalks and follows like a hawk but never engages. My new male though, will sniff the calm ones, and then just stand there barking viciously, not really going after them though if they don't move. If they run though, he gives very mean chase. Is there a way to correct this at his age? Its a huge stress because the man of the house gets up at 3:15am for work in the morning and can't have any late night disturbances. My male sleeping at night in the crate but I work nights so usually don't go to sleep till about 2am, and obviously I can't leave him crated from 9pm when the head of the house goes to sleep till about 12pm when I usually wake up the next day.
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