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Demodex and immune support

Hey all. I got a foster puppy today from Puerto Rico. He is 5mo GSD with itchy generalized demodex. I need some things to help boost his immune system to do in conjunction with tradition medicines. Before he came here he was on ivomec and cephalexin. I will start both of those again. But I would like to know, aside from a good probiotic and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, if there is something else I can add to help this poor dude.

I did give him a Benadryl tonight, it's all I have, to hopefully help with the itching.

One caveat. I am not going to go crazy. Just looking for a few things, to help. He will be fed kibble.

Neem oil? ACV? Added to food or sprayed on him?

This is a very very nice puppy, he will find a home quickly and I want to support him in his healing as much as possible until that time.

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