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Can puppies be boring

So my puppy is 9 weeks old and he doesn't seem to be very playful. Before I continue let me say I've only had him for 2 days so he is still getting used to us. Ok so he doesn't seem to be enjoying tug very much. He'll usually just lay down and hold it in his mouth without putting up a fight. He does chase the tug a little bit but doesn't stay interested in it very long. Actually maybe only like a minute or two. He chases the ball a little bit but not like I expect. I'm pretty sure I'm probably expecting too much now. I think I watched too many videos with young puppies barking and chasing tugs on poles and now I expect my pup to do the same. Here I am thinking my puppy is boring, hopefully I don't get end up on here in the future complaining about him having too much energy lol.
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