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3+ months is a good age for a lot of practical training. Things that will help you as he grows. One of the first things I like my dogs to learn is "watch me", you want eye contact . This way he'll look to you for direction, and you'll be able to distract and redirect if you see a possible "situation" you'd like to avoid. Another is "speak". Then teach them to speak at the door when they have to go potty. This way you'll know for sure when they need to go out. Dogs that just give the look or wait by the door when they have to go out often get overlooked by busy family members. That's how "accidents" happen and can set you back in your potty training. Another extremely good thing to work on is nail clipping and handling the feet and toes and all around. Don't wait til he has an injury to start trying to look at his feet. And it's much easier to have him lay still for nail clipping than try to wrestle a strong full grown GSD. Actually it's good to desensitize every part of their body. "Open" mouth, is good, to give them pills, brush their teeth, or retrieve objects. My. Dog still at 8 months walks around picking things up like a toddler. Only now he can reach higher. There are so many things you can teach at this age. Just throughout the day. Oh maybe most important, work on getting a really solid recall. That could be the one thing he learns that could save his life. Theres so many more things, if you need any tips, just ask. Good luck. Enjoy your pup...they grow up SO FAST!
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