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This Week's Movie

This week's movie is "White Fang to the Rescue"

from IMDB------"Set at the end of the 19th century in Canada's gold rush Klondike area, wolf-dog White Fang teams up with a prospector when his master is killed. Together they try to avenge his death."-------

This is a spaghetti western style movie from 1974---made in Italy. Not exactly a milestone in cinematic art in my opinion, but interesting from a canine fancier's point of view. White Fang is indeed, the star of the movie with a very prominent role. Watch White Fang break his master out of jail in the last half of the movie.

Interesting, for all the prominence of the dog to the storyline, I could not find any reference to the identity of the dog or trainer in the credits.

So far as I could tell, this story shares only the name and setting with the more well known Jack London stories of White Fang and was an effort to cash in on the already existing White Fang fame.

Leave me a post and tell me what you thought of this film---I enjoy hearing what everyone thinks.

BTW---the movie was filmed in Austria

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