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I haven't seen the Leerburg video, and we aren't training our dog for any real purpose other than having fun, but for what it's worth we play the following game, and it's been great for retrieval, for learning "out" (or drop it). So - this might totally not answer what you're asking.

We have a great tug (it's the zoloflex bumi by westpaw design) that our 11 month old loves and also a very durable chewber frisbee thingee. She gets maybe 15 seconds of all out tug, and then we say "out" and she drops the tug and we throw the chewber. She races after it and drops the chewber at our feet and goes for the bumi that we had hidden behind our backs. Repeat. After about 20 minutes she's totally wiped out. We won't throw the chewber till she drops the bumi, and she can't have the bumi till she drops the chewber. Also - if she doesn't drop the chewber close enough, then she has to go back and get it and drop it close before she gets the bumi again.

She goes all out on both the tug and the retrieve, and because she values both of them so much we've been able to add in more commands to both before she gets what she wants. It's been a great training tool.


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