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Question about Tug of war that benefits retrieve vs grip.

Now, my dog is 9 months. She lost her gripe after teething. When she was a pup, she had tight grip and she wanted to fight. She pulled flirt pole all the time.
So, I bought the power of playing tug of war by Michael Ellis from leerburg and watched it. Michael suggests not to let the dog run around with the tug, but the dog should come back to the handler to play again for the retrieve purpose. My trainer tell me to play tug of war with my dog and let her win and let her keeps the tug and run around for better grip.

My question is which method should I apply first?
Because if I let her keep the tug and run around I might have difficult time to deal with retrieve. If she give the tug back to me, she will not want to possess the toy and loosen her grip.

Please correct me if my understanding was wrong.

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