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should i return my rescue?

hi i need some advice last november i adopted a black female gsd i had some issues with her .Adopting a Black female shepherd

i found out why they were fighting it was because she had something in her mouth and my male got too close. anyways fast forward a few months they gotten along fine . but a few weeks ago i had them both out on the least coming back from the garage i had a bag of dog food in my hand i got up to the door and was opening it when two little girls were walking home(other side of the street) from being dropped off the school bus. one little girl made a loud noise and my female heard it and lunged toward them . so i put down the dog food to get a stronger hold of the leash she lunged again the leashed sliped from my hand and off she went running across the street and jumped up and bit the girl on the hand.

so i got a hold of the dog and took her back in my house and went over to the girls house to explain what happened. the mother and grandmother just asked if she was current on their shots i told her yes and i have the paperwork if they wanted to see it. they said no and they believed me and that they were not going to do anything about it since i had her leashed. i was very very lucky. but now im thinking of returning her to the rescue but i feel that i cant because i feel like im abandoning her like her original owners did,i talked to a couple of behaviorist one said she was probably protecting me or her territory with the girl . but she said it is a fixable issue. i dont know what to do.
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