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Female has always had incontinence

Our female GSD Gretchen was found at Walmart when she was about 6 weeks old. From the time we had her at home, I noticed she would urinate in her sleep a lot. I didn't think too much of it until I noticed she was having difficulty urinating. Vet gave her antibiotics for the infection but wanted to investigate the incontinence before putting our young girl on any prescription. I did a lot of laundry! I brought in almost weekly urine samples, we mixed prescription food with her regular puppy food...nothing was helping.

Finally, when I brought her in to be fixed at about 6 months, the vet was going to take a urine sample directly from her bladder. Well, that didn't work out because as soon as Gretchen was put under for surgery, she completely released her bladder. The vet then decided to put her on Proin.

We had her on 1.5 pills twice per day for a while, which worked wonders. Her appetite changed but other than that we didn't notice any difference. Then she started to leak again so we put her up to 2 pills twice per day. When that didn't work, the vet put her on Incurin, which is hormone based. We started Incurin about 2 and a half weeks ago. Gretchen has had a lot more energy since then. We realized the Proin was causing some loss of energy, in addition to the small appetite.

To start Incurin, we gave Gretchen 2 pills once a day for 2 weeks. They started to work almost immediately. After 2 weeks the vet said to reduce it to 1 pill to see if that would still work. No such luck! We found a small wet spot after Gretchen had been resting on the couch. We are hoping maybe she will adjust to this 1 pill dose. We have to wait 7 days between each dosage change. Incurin is less expensive than Proin, but still $20 for 30 pills. Between her low-quality prescription food (Royal Canin SO dry) at $70 for a 25 pound bag, which fixes her UTI issues, and her Incurin for incontinence, which may be another $40 per month...Gretchen is turning into an expensive dog!

Does anyone have any experience with Incurin? It is relatively new. I didn't mean to write so much but thought maybe someone else had experienced a similar issue.
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