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That was Autumn too. She'd go a week or two and then pause "barf" and back to her normal self be bopping around.

I hate it when they don't eat so I had to train myself to not worry.

Now as adults they all gobble up their food with gusto...and a nice side effect is since they have good eating habits now if they go off their food a bit it's a distinct immediately noticeable change that alerts me something may be up health wise.

The other thing I do is feed a smaller portion for breakfast. They are more active during they day and that's when I train so it helps with food motivation and also less on their stomachs when they are active.

In the evenings when things are mellower and quiet they get a bigger portion and rest.

That seems to flow real nice for our pack.

Originally Posted by lyssa62 View Post
thank you!!!! I am trying not to worry. It's like on a regular every 2 weeks timing. Just a quick puke up some undigested food and go about our business for another 2 weeks. And it's' usually the same quantity ...other than that..weight is perfect, coat is shiny and nice...teeth and gums look great. She has gorgeous poops. (yeah I'm that owner that counts and inspects every poop. ) So other than this occasional puke fest..she seems fine.
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