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First dog, first surgery, can I post pictures for opinion?

Hi everyone, so I am a helicopter mom and also very clueless.

Zeus was fixed on Tuesday and his hernia was fixed as well. We have been trying very very hard to keep him calm. I have no idea what normal healing should look like, I never had a surgery myself thank god.

Zeus is happy, wants to go play and is eating/drinking well. He is hard to keep calm so I am really naturally worried if his healing is going well, and if the hernia area looks how it should. Also wonder if his below area is normal after few days after surgery. Can I post pictures? is that allowed? is it gross? I have seen posts of poop here... lol

I feel super stupid to call the vets office every 5 minutes and it's probably fine, but I know there is people here who's dogs had multiple procedures and I just want personal opinions?

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