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Not interested in breakfast

Roxy will be 14 months at the end of the month. I have just switched her up to large breed adult blue buffalo as of yesterday. This has started about a month ago...she just isn't interested in breakfast. The other meals she will eat but breakfast ..just doesn't care about it.
She comes bolting out of her crate full speed ahead in the am ...she goes out..we may take a short walk..she comes in and takes inventory of her toys to make sure nothing was taken during the night. Makes her rounds to get pets and tickles and then squirrel watches out the window.. I can sprinkle cheese on the food etc. Until about 9 am she is NOT interested in eating. Is this a concern or do I just assume she is more of a "brunch" kind of dog?

She does have a vet visit on Tuesday because she is still doing the every 2 weeks or so throw up that looks like undigested food from the day before....I'm going to have him make sure she doesn't have a blockage somewhere. She's notorious for eating her fur. When I brush her if some happens to get away from me she eats it. I am hoping she doesn't have a great big hair ball she can't pass.

Any suggestions?
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