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This Had Me Concerned

Wolfie just did the wackiest looking thing. We were walking in the back yard, when he stopped, turned his head so that his ear was facing the ground, and his paw came up in a bent fashion, like a pointer, and he froze there. I seriously thought he may be in trouble from the amount of time he stood like that. He put his ear lower, then started digging in the snow. Then he put his ear on the place he just dug, and dragged his ear along the ground, finally flopping on his side and rolling all over the snow. Then he repeated the process.
I saw a mole hole on the other side of the yard, so maybe he heard the mole under the snow. This behavior was strange even for Mr. Strange and Unusual himself.
I was really concerned that he may have had an episode or something. He's very healthy and has had no concerning problems. Maybe I am just overly sensitive to him. Has anyone ever heard of something like this before?

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