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Originally Posted by VTGirlT View Post
A wonderful Holistic vet, Qi, came to the house.
This holistic Vet has a whole new perspective on Zelda's behavioral and physical problems, and i truly believe there is something to it.

I am very excited with this new Vet! He is amazing!

If anyone is interested I will try and keep it updated how other appointments go, if i remember
VTGirl.....This is WONDERFUL news! Yes please keep us updated!

Originally Posted by Twyla View Post
Please do keep updating on the appts and progress.

I've been thinking about acupuncture for Woolf, doing some research, but being a skeptic by nature, I am having a problem wrapping my brain around the idea. It will be interesting to follow this thread.
Twyla, I can appreciate how you feel! When I started our first GSD with acupuncture & chiropractic's many years ago (when it wasn't popular for dogs) my husband gave me all kinds of grief about the $$ I spent. I finally insisted that he go with me to our once a month appointment to see for himself. He was totally amazed when the vet told him to put his hand on one of the spots before and after treatment. He could feel the heat emanating from the same spot that was cold just seconds before! He was further amazed when she burped out loud and then promptly fell asleep!

Good luck to you both!
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