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I don't know if I'm 100% the way the videos say to do it... but I do like 10-20 times of "charging" the clicker. I click, treat, click, treat, click, treat, click, treat, etc. And then immediately go into a command. For a young puppy, I start training the sit. Sit, click, treat. Charge once or twice (ONLY if they are still sitting), and then get them up, and try to sit again. Add the command, the pup sits, then I click and treat. And continue training the sit, clicking as soon as the pup touches the ground with their butt. Charge a few more times, etc.

Not just sit there for 10 minutes and click and treat click and treat. Since I want the dog to understand that they have to do something in order to get the click and the treat, not just click and "ooh! treat!".

For me, doesn't take long. I don't use a clicker with my pup, I cluck my tongue. She now will hear it and look expectantly for the treat.

Your pup right now probably thinks that you're making clucking noises and giving treats... not necessarily that the cluck means he's doing something you want so he gets a treat.

Just a thought...
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